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System Administrator (Windows, Novell, SUSE)

Education Level - Pre Bachelor
Total experience - 17 years


  • Configuration Management
  • Linux Admin
  • NT Admin
  • z-Other-Sys Admin/Network


  • Active Directory
    >7 yrs
  • DNS
    >7 yrs
  • EDI
    1-3 yrs
  • Exchange Server
    3-5 yrs
  • IIS
    3-5 yrs
  • LDAP
    5-7 yrs
  • Netware
    >7 yrs
  • Powerpoint
    5-7 yrs
  • System Adminstrator
    >7 yrs
  • VB Script
    1-3 yrs
  • Veritas
    3-5 yrs
  • Windows NT Admin
    >7 yrs
  • Windows NT
    >7 yrs
  • Windows XP
    >7 yrs
  • Word
    >7 yrs

Industry Experience

Last Update:  10/13/2015

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Snapshot of IT Expert

Professional Profile

An experienced and successful IT Professional, I have demonstrated repeatedly that I have taken control over many IT Infrastructures and worked diligently keep them operating at peak performance.
I have worked on numerous desktop, laptop and server hardware equipment from the major vendors.
As a former Military Spec Electronic Technician, I have used my troubleshooting skills to rapidly find and replace faulty devices and restore them to working order.
I am well verse on Windows and SUSE Linux Desktop and Network Operating Systems.
I have administered Windows Active Directory Networks for small to large corporations.
I have supported and managed these systems both locally and remotely in a Metropolitan Area Network of Queens and Brooklyn, NY
I have designed and built data centers. I have upgraded data and telecom infrastructure.
I have maintained system backups on various platforms.

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Preferred Location

  • California
  • New York

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