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Sr. VMware Admin

Education Level - Bachelor
Total experience - 7 years


  • VMware Admin


  • Cisco Admin
    5-7 yrs

Industry Experience

Last Update:  9/24/2015

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Snapshot of IT Expert

Professional Profile

experience in VMware 5.0 Installation, Administration, and Configuration.
VM Servers build & rebuild (Deploying the New VM from the Template and Cloning an Existing VM) as per the client request through change management process.
Creating, managing VM Ware cluster. Enabling HA and DRS features in a cluster P2V migration.
Creating templates from VM's and deploy VM's from templates and allocate resources and creating duplicate VM's using cloning technology.
Having experience in Cisco UCS 2.0 L1 to L2 level-Installing New blade server in UCS chassis, Creating server profile, configuring the server profile, Installing VMware ESX on blade severs, mounting storage. Configuring alarms, Root Cause & System Log Analysis and reporting and troubleshooting problems with the help of Event Logs.
Build, configure and deploy VMs and templates. Completed Physical-to-Virtual (P2V), Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V) migration of Windows 2003, & 2008 servers from VMware.

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