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ETL Application Architect

Education Level - Master
Total experience - 17 years


  • Ab initio
  • PMP
  • Other-Unix/C/Shell


  • Ab initio
    >7 yrs
  • ETL
    >7 yrs
  • OLAP
    >7 yrs
  • Unix Shell Script
    >7 yrs

Industry Experience

Last Update:  5/29/2015

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Snapshot of IT Expert

Professional Profile

I have designed and developed many high performance ETL applications for huge volume terabyte datawarehouse/ datamarts, for prestigious clients, for their very visible and critical projects. These applications were integrating data from wide range of sources and performing very complicated transformation and mapping.
My designs promote reusability across the board enhancing development and testing cycles, while ensuring robust framework, high performance, and strong fault tolerance with strict audit balance and control. I have also contributed in establishing standards for development and sound application development practices.
During these projects I have built my strong team by training and helping new comers and bringing them up to speed.

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